Work Automation for small and medium business

Too much time spent on manual tasks? Automate!

Let’s stop purposeless work: copying and pasting data from one table to another, filling monthly reports and sending email confirmations to your customers. Together and risk-free.

Many routine tasks are waiting to be automated…

Internal Processes

Onboard new customers, track expenses, and more.

Tools Integration

Sync tasks from CRM to project management tool, and more.


Create reports, populate dashboards, and more.


Create presentions, generate proposals, and more.


Get unstructured data from emails, send emails, and more.

Marketing and Social

Share and re-share content, create reports, and more.


Integrate your shop with external services and more.

File Management

Save and upload files to the cloud, sync folders, and more.

A straightforward process to time savings


1 – Questionnaire

At first, I need to understand your need. I will need you to provide me with the first information to give you a quote.


2 – Consultation

If you agree, I will propose several dates for a video call. I will explain the details of the solution and ask for testing data.


3 – Proof of Concept

Then, I will create the prototype of the solution to check that it fits your needs. You can comment during the process.


4 – Implementation

In the end, I will implement the solution and teach you how to use it. Also, support is included in the price.

New to automations? I got you covered



With Maintenance

STARTER Automation

450 EUR

per project

One scenario
Solution blueprint
Video consultation
6 months of maintenance

ADVANCED Automation

690 EUR

per project

Up to 5 related scenario
Solution blueprint
Video consultation
6 months of maintenance

SYSTEM Automation

starts at 1000 EUR

per project

No scenario limit
Solution blueprint
Video consultation
12 months of maintenance

Quality Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, you get your money back. No questions (but I will appreciate your feedback).

Clever companies already automating their mundane tasks

Let’s Get Started

Ready to save your time? Let’s build this thing together!

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About me

Hello, I am Honza Pav

Since 2014 I help small and medium-sized companies to master online tools like Asana, Airtable, Notion or Integromat. I am also an Asana Certified Pro and (formerly Integromat) Partner.

I believe that smaller teams can have a huge impact. What needed ten people five years ago can be now done by a few. The more efficient they are the better are the lives of people around.

Living in Prague, working globally. If you want to reach, feel free to use my email: