Ask your customers for opinion or review

3. 1. 2022 | Ecommerce

Entrepreneurs know that customer feedback is a goldmine of insights much needed for improvement. In the form of a review, it can also help you increase sales. Authentic reviews from customers are bringing proof that you’re valuable to your customers.

How can automation make your life easier

To collect customer feedback, you would need to write every customer after every order. Sure there are tools that you can plug into your eshop system and send those emails automatically. What they often lack are customization options.

Ideally, you can choose what type of customer and how long after the purchase it is sent. Be sure the ideal time for review or feedback differs by product category. Imagine you can send one message to a customer who ordered for the first time and another to those who ordered multiple times.

How to make it better?

  • You can collect the feedback via a form on your website (use Google Forms, Airtable or Jotform).
  • You can prioritize the replies based on the review score.
  • If the customer bought multiple products, you can reflect that in your message.
  • You can send the review to Slack, Asana or your email inbox, and when you reply, the message gets back to the customer.