Create documents from data in tables or your CRM software

20. 5. 2021 | Documents

How different could be your day if you don’t have fill in documents like proposal, reservations, confirmations, contracts etc. What if you could spend more time on thinking up the best proposal, instead of looking for data in three different sources?

How can automation make your life easier

The idea is quite simple. You can create a template with placeholders for specific information you need to fill in. Imagine a standard Microsoft Word (sitting in the OneDrive cloud storage) or a Google Document.

You can use data that is stored in tools like CRM (Pipedrive, Hubspot or Raynet), accounting software (Freshbooks, Fakturoid) or your e-commerce solution (Shopify, Woocommerce or Shoptet). The automation can fill in the data into the placeholders in your document in a matter of pushing a button.

How to make this better?

  • Using tools like Formstack or Eledo gives you more freedom in creating your templates. Also, these tools often provide you with direct integration with many other tools.
  • Let your others create the documents! Your customers or business partners can fill in the documents via forms placed on your website. If you’re looking for an excellent tool for automation, check this overview I’ve made for myself.
  • And finally, don’t forget – you can automatically send the newly created document to a customer or a business partner. In the same workflow, the automation can store it in cloud storage.