How to automatically update currency rates

29. 9. 2021 | Reporting

One thing that can prevent businesses operating in multiple countries from having smooth processes is updating the currency rates manually. When you need it daily, doing it manually becomes impossible.

How can automation make your life easier

There are many public APIs that you can use to get the current rates. Quite a few of them are listed in the famous Public APIs list on Github.

Personally, I prefer two services – and (don’t judge by its names).

Those services are free (up to a limit), reliable and with perfect documentation. Reasonable documentation means that you can easily use it even if there is no module in Integromat or other services.

How to make it better?

  • If you need the currency rates for accounting and analytics, you can store the historical currency rates in Google Sheets, Airtable or any database. Separating this process from other processes means you will manage only one place with the correct data that you can re-use in your different workflows.