Make a flow for onboarding new clients

19. 5. 2021 | Internal Processes

Many organizations, especially in services, need to do a series of steps when they acquire a new client. Imagine the following set-up.

How can automation make your life easier

Everything starts when you make a deal in your CRM (Pipedrive, Hubspot or Raynet) CRM, as won. You need to manually create a new project in Asana or other project managers (Trello, ClickUp etc.).

Then you need a place for files so you set up a new Google Drive folder with all the structure, folder by folder. There are also other places where you need add your new client – accounting software, time-tracking tools, or wiki (documentation).

How to make the outcome better?

  • If your company runs on Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), you can automatically create Google Group and add all people related to the project in it. Thanks to this, you can easily manage access to Google Drive folders and files.
  • Are you the one who wants to provide your clients with the best service possible? Send an introduction email that describes where to find what and all the information about the cooperation. The best relationship starts with the right expectations.