Merge multiple PDFs into one document

3. 1. 2022 | Documents

Ever need to combine multiple PDFs into one? Whether you are trying to generate one report from more tools or combine documents for your customer’s order.

Many apps and programmes can do it for you – manually. You upload your files, and then you need to download them and save them to a destination folder. What if you need to do it entirely without a touch of a hand?

How can automation make your life easier

You can combine multiple PDFs automatically with tools like CloudConvert. You can easily plug this simple task into more complex automations – you can connect the documents right before the order confirmation is sent to a customer. Or you can add it as the last step in the process that generates a report.

How to make it better?

  • Think about where does the date in the PDF come from. Maybe you could create the final document before the PDF is created. The advantage is that you can control the look of the document. If consistent brand presence is on your mind, tools like Microsoft Word Templates or Eledo will do the job.