Monitor competitors websites with automatic screenshots

29. 5. 2021 | Reporting

There are many reasons for being informed about your competitors’ progress. It is not the best idea to copy your competitors, but it is being in the know is always helpful. One thing you can easily do is to go through their websites every week to check, if there are some changes. But isn’t there an easier way?

How can automation make your life easier

There is a better way. Services like CloudConvert visit a page, get a screenshot and save it to a cloud folder (like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox) send the batch of screenshots directly to your email inbox. There are even more options with services like HTTP/CSS to Image API.

How to make it better?

  • Save screenshots to a database like Airtable and create and archive.
  • Monitor multiple pages form a website, like homepage or pricing page.