Please your customer with an order confirmation

20. 5. 2021 | Emailing

What makes excellent service? It is undoubtedly communication with the customer or business partner. Good communication builds correct expectations. How would you feel if you made a reservation for your camper van and there was no communication back to you? It works the same in any other field.

How can automation make your life easier

There are many situations when your system cannot send confirmations. This often happens in the case of forms placed on your website. Many tools can indeed send a basic confirmation, but it is not good enough for professional service (and your brand can suffer).

Let’s say that you can automatically access the data on your websites. If there is a new form submitted, you will get the data and send the message via your standard email address. No heavyweights from the newsletter world (like Mailchimp) are needed.

How to make this better?

  • Make a great-looking HTML and CSS template that gives you more designing options. Yes, you can send both professional-looking emails from your standard email address. Can’t you code the template? No problem – use pre-made templates like Cerberus.
  • You can set up a second address (like the separate those automated messages from your email inbox. You can still receive the replies to your address.
  • If you need higher volumes of messages or advanced features (like stats), you can use tools like SendPulse, Sendgrid or Convertkit. These tools also let you build your email template in a no-code way.
Tools you can use: convertkit,email,sendgrid,sendpulse