Save time by converting pictures or videos into GIF automatically

22. 5. 2021 | Marketing and Social Media

GIFs, or moving images, are very often used in social media marketing. From my point of view, it’s like emoji squared. But how does one create a GIF? You can use software like GIF Brewery or Gifski, but what if you need to make tens of GIFs or even hundreds?

How can automation make your life easier

You can easily create GIF automatically with the use of services like Giphy, CloudConvert or Zamzar. Imagine you need to create „how-to” GIFs (short videos about using your product) from videos. You upload the video to a specific cloud storage folder (Google Drive, Dropbox), which triggers automation.

The video will be upload to one of the services mentioned above, turned into a GIF and saved back to the original folder – in a matter of seconds.

How to make this better?

  • Share the new file automatically with your co-workers or your marketing agency.
  • Upload and publish the GIF on both Facebook and Twitter at once right after it is saved to the destination folder.