Save you Calendly contacts directly to your CRM or emailing database

7. 1. 2022 | Tools Integration

Imagine you need to organize several meetings every week – sales meetings, interviewing new candidates, one-on-ones and so on. Most of the time you don’t see the other person’s free time. Before you agree on a date and time, you’re in the middle of an email ping-pong match.

At this moment, Calendly (referral link) comes in handy. You can publish your availability on your website or in a link, and the attendee can choose the time that fits her the best. For me, this is a huge timesaver.

But using tools like Calendly also brings some manual tasks that you need to do if you want your contacts to be organized – you need to save your meeting attendees to a CRM software or an emailing database one by one.

How can automation make your life easier

A clean and organized contact database is precious like gold. But people are sometimes busy (or lazy?), and they forget to add new contacts from Calendly to a company contact list.

You can conveniently solve it via automation. In Calendly, you can make use of webhooks. Every time a new meeting is created, Calendly will send the meeting information to the place you want, e.g., Integromat or other automation tools.

From here, you need to set up the final destination. It is straightforward to send contacts to a CRM like Pipedrive or Raynet or emailing tools like Mailchimp, Sendgrid or – my personal choice – Sendpulse (referral link).

You will need to check if the contact already exists in your database most of the time. If so, you can update it. Otherwise, you’re ready to create a new contact record.

How to make it better?

  • Create meeting notes for the meeting – You can create a Google Document or a Notion Page for each new appointment and share it directly with your colleague or the attendee.
  • Enrich data – there are services like Clearbit or Merk (Leady) that can enrich your contact with additional data, the person’s picture, company information etc.